IBK Eco Homes stand for "integrated living"

For our customers we design ecologically and economically sensible living space that make them feel good.

IBK Eco Homes has taken on the task of building ecological houses and to provide for an environmentally conscious quality of live. We use durable, natural and cost efficient resources as power supply by using the best technologies available.

High quality water and sufficient availability are secured through IBK Eco Homes' modern waste water treatment plants.

One household produces tons of waste a year and we want to reduce it drastically. This happens by a sensitive selection of materials and the application of ecologically sensible technologies.

We make sure natural materials are used as well as ecological cooling systems, cost efficient and environmentally cautious energy supplies, modern waste water treatment plants, and reasonable arrangement of living quarters.

Never before was safety as important as it is today. Here again we meet the respective measures and provide sufficient safety provisions.

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